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... The terms "quantum system" and "quantum states" were yours originally; in fact my question was an initial attempt to discover precisely what you meant. (Thanks for prompting the memory).
Bill, you and I just experienced an example of how what I call 'meta-tation' and how it works.

Have you heard of 'SELF-IMAGE PSYCHOLOGY'?

Of course, it is not a new idea. Many ancient philosophers--some were called meta-physicians--like Socrates and Aristotle, and spiritual leaders, including Jesus practiced the principle.

When Socrates told his students: "Know thyself" he was advocating self-image psychology. Jesus added the healing touch when he said: "Love thy neighbour as thyself" and "Be it done unto you according to what you believe."

In modern times it is connected with the Transcendental movements of the 19th. Century and the New Age movements of the 20th Century.

Following studies in theology and psychology (1947-1953) I picked up the idea, in 1964, and called it Pneumatology. It was later that I found the work is already in the major dictionaries. Hmmm!

In recent times the idea is also connected with the famous plastic surgeon, Maxwell Maltz. I met and spoke with him in Toronto--I think it was in 1975.

BTW, I try to tell the story in my blog writing:

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