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1. Do you still live in the area in which you were raised? If so, Is there freedom of religion there, today? Where?

I currently reside in USA so I do have religious freedom.

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2. If yes, when was the ban lifted?

In my homeland the bans have been lifted but it is still deeply frowned upon by society friends tell me, I actually have not been back to my homeland and have no desire to. Most if they practice are sunni muslims but there are some russian orthodox.

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3. How much Church History and Bible History have you read?

Read bits of the bible but I have problems with alot of the things like the story of creation which I couldn't take seriously. We all came from 2 people? we would be seriously imbreed.

Only later a more liberal religious friend explained a more open interpretation of adam would be men and eve being women so it may not directly mean 2 people but a more general number of men and women.

I discussed that with a jewish friend and almost got my head taken off ... apparently there is no ability to interpret to them.

In the end it all got very confusing and frustrating and I gave up.

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4. Are you aware that the English language, the German Language and other European languages evolved as they did because of translations of the Bible?

No but I guess the quran would also form commonality to much of the middle east so I guess it makes sense.

Tell us more what more what you have in mind by this question you asked:
Do all religions have the counter posing of good and evil or are there religions with only good or bad?

From my naive non religious background what all religions seem to cover is good versus evil, why we exist and morality issues?

I am fairly certain they all cover the later 2 but do all cover the good versus evil issue.
I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.