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Instead of achieving "godness", as you put it, I like to think we are here and free to choose to be GOD-like, or NOT. Use Good/Nature-like, if you prefer.

As you said, nature can be cruel. So killing somebody is also GOD-like? It's certainly nature-like, even for modern humans. Can you be more clear on what GOD-like means? How about list some specific examples of GOD-like things and non-GOD-like things.


right now we are on the cusp of a new evolutionary potential. Take a look at this essay below:

I decline to follow that up because it's getting away from the topic.


IMSO, the only verb I feel comfortable using when I speak of GOD is the verb 'to be': GOD is.

GOD can't do anything? Or you feel uncomfortable talking about GOD doing things?


Therefore, like John I say, GOD is Love--the highest good. Also, GOD is Light, Life, Lever, Liberty, Limitless, Luxury, Lucidity, Lyrical, Laureate, Luck, Longevity, Logos, Logical, long-suffering and the like.

We already established that. GOD is everything plus some more. It's also Lawrence of Arabia, limpet mines, money, outer space, stones, hunger, hatred, and everything else.


All we need to do is agree to take action and connect with this highest good. Thus all the physical, mental and
spiritual supply we need will come when we are truly ready to receive it.

The need to agree to connect with GOD will cause us to get all the physical supply we need when we are ready to receive it? You have to explain what "truly ready to receive it" means. I want to be stronger and more intelligent, but it hasn't happened. Why am I not "truly ready to receive it"? I havn't agreed to take action, but that's not your requirement, only the need to do so. Or do I not need to?? I really can't make any sense of what you wrote.