"How exactly? Is that reasonalbe?

And yes, Yahweh is not named in the New Testament of the Bible mainly because......(are you ready for this?) it was written in a different language than Hebrew where the Old Testament was written in. Surely you would notice that!"

It's reasonable because all three of them worship the being described in the Old Testament, Yahweh. The Christians believe that the NT deity is the same as the OT... The Jews were the original worshipers... And the Muslims were an offshoot of the Jews, their stories in the Qur'an are exactly the same as the OT. If you've ever read the Qur'an, it's ignorant to say that they don't worship the same deity, especially just because you don't want them to be worshiping the same person, as most Americans who say they don't think the Muslims worship the same God (though they wouldn't say it like that) use as a reason. Yes, it was Aramaic in some parts. Despite the language change, the same name would have been used and adapted to Aramaic. It wasn't. However, even in the Greek, they have a different name in the NT than the Septuagint. Not to mention, the personalities are vastly different between OT and NT, and, the deity Yahweh is said to actually be there in the OT; not so in the NT.