"The insanity of religion has no bounds."
The insanity of everything has no bounds.

Regarding the Pope's statement: I wish he could take that back, for it takes other people's rights away. For example, he alluded that Protestantism wasn't routed in the true Rock of which Peter started, therefore invalid. I would disagree because that not only creates internal divisions, but also other denominations to go against that, for they think they are the Church. What my personal philosophy is, is that you should not judge others, but love them. Perhaps Mormonism fits one person, and Lutheranism another, and Islam still another. But they should keep that to themselves, and not try to the point of bombings to convert, for that goes against libertarianism. God Is. He is all, everything; now I am not a pantheist, dont get me wrong. But everyone has a different point of view of God. When one gets too zealous of something (and not just religion, but also science, or cars, to use a few examples) they take away other people's given rights. That should not be so.