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... Is this one of the reasons why threads that involve God tend to be long ones? smile
Bill, thanks for the smile. But, the important question is: Do my posts have some value?

GOD is a big topic. However, I will try to post a brief summary of my last conversation with my family doctor:

David, I know that to qualify as a doctor it was necessary for you, with the help of teachers--those who have been there and done that--to study the sciences involved in medicine, but I hope to are also interested in the art of medicine.

He agreed. Then I asked him three questions:

1. I asked him what he thought of the work of Hawking and others, who say that our physical universe, along with other possible universes, is following the laws of quantum mechanics and relativity. Our universe appears to exist within what we can only call omni-present being. In other words, our physical universe came from nothing '0' and is expanding into everything 'O'--from zero to infinity--Omni-presence. To me, this information is awesome. Is it not awesome to you, too, and of interest you?

He agreed: Of course it is.

Then I said: Then, there is your O Then I referred to:

'The Grand Design,' by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. Hawking and Mlodinow say that "the real meat of their book" is, "the way theories about quantum mechanics and relativity came together to shape our understanding of how our universe (and possibly others) formed out of nothing."


2. Then I asked: Is it not a good even a great thing that we are finally beginning to bring some order out of the chaos and ignorance?

Again, he agreed.

I said: There is your G and your O.. Now for the D

3. Finally, I asked: Is it not a good, grand, omnipotent, omni-present and delightful design?

He agreed: This makes sense, not having to think of god as he or she.

So you see, David: You do believe in GOD.

He smiled smile and said: "If that is what you mean by god, it sounds OK!"

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