Rev writes;
IMO, Atheists who build firm moral, ethical and loving foundations now will, IMO, get the same opportunity all will.

I reply;


You just do not understand what I am trying to explain to you. I am a normal (ish!), happy person. I try hard to be "nice". I obey laws. I adore my family (especially my lovely grandchildren) and I have nice friends. I am possibly overkind to animals and I enjoy being alive. But one day I am going to die. I do not want or need the get-out clause of eternal life, I do not believe it and I don't need the opportunity to enjoy it, so this option is totally meaningless to me. There are many like me. We don't build what you call foundations in order to access eternal life, we build them because we are human, and it's what we humans do. And no, it is not difficult to do. Why would you think it was?