If we allow for the sake of argument that human beings want or even need to have a belief in god then why should not the god that is manifested to each and everyone of us not be the same manifestation for each of us. Allowing for differences allows the issue of personal belief to be more important than the actual divinity. Our beliefs are allowed to be fragmented and personal in nature and this diversity leads to argument about the 'true' nature of belief. Wars have been fought about this, and certainly 'believers' have killed 'non-believes' in the name of their respective divine beliefs.

How can we be sure that the 'divine' was there before our beliefs and is not merely the result of our need for belief? And if the 'divine' was there to be discovered as the true 'divinity' then would it not necessarily be the same for everyone? I suggest the differences are due to the personal interpretation of the nature of god by each individual, and it is due more to individual choice than 'divine' revelation. In other words god is a human construct.