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-from zero to infinity-

Two questions come to mind here:
1. Does zero = infinity?
2. In progressing from zero to infinity, is there a finite, intermediate state?
Bill, interesting questions, thanks. Here is a suggestion:
Anyone in NQS, or among the readers, who are skilled in higher maths? Let us ask for help.

How about you? What are your skills?

My higher math skills go back to high school science-- physics, chemistry and the like in 1946, and stopped there. I still remember I=E/R.

Interestingly, it is about Ohm's law, which is: The intensity of the current (in amperes) equals the electro magnetic force (in volts) divided by the resistance (in ohms).

Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist introduced the idea in 1826. Because of resistance to his new idea, it took seven years (1833) before it was accepted.

I wonder: Could it be that there is a parable here about what we do with new ideas?
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