"Allah is Yahweh is God."
How exactly? Is that reasonalbe?

And yes, Yahweh is not named in the New Testament of the Bible mainly because......(are you ready for this?) it was written in a different language than Hebrew where the Old Testament was written in. Surely you would notice that!

"There is bad science and there is non-science."

"I think they all come from the mixing of beliefs that occurred over the long period humans have been running around the world trying to understand their existence. This explains the similarity of names found across different cultures. Most Gods may have originally been mighty men."
Yes, that's a good oberservation. But should you critize those same primitive people who could only percieve the world as so? No, of course not! For they set the stage for the current time, slowly but surely. If it were not for the Bible, this would not have happened; if it were not for the Quaran, this would not have happened; if it were not for the ancient Indian folklore, this would not have happened. Thus, it is not for us to critize them, but look upon the ancients with a different perspective. For it took away part of the wonder of the world about them by describing it with supernatural explanations.
Yeah, thats true.