Ellis, I repeat
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... IMO, if there was such a fundamentalist god he would be an idol.
Ellis, to be fair to theists: Except for those who believe that there was a historical Jesus, and that he was God when he was in our midst and on earth, well-read theists do not think of 'God' as a human-like being.

Ask them: Does 'God' have eyes and ears and a physical body like the bodies we have? Is 'God' a being located in space and time? and you will usually get the response: No!

IMO, what theists have is a language problem, involving location and gender. The language adult theists use in their writing and speaking, especially the kind of language they use in sermons and prayers, causes children to take them literally and grownups to become atheists.

As a unitheist, I try to avoid this problem of gender and location by the using of the acronym G.O.D--all that is good, orderly and desirable. I have to trust non-theists, atheists and agnostics not to put their own spin on what I am trying to say. BTW, unitheists, like Buddhists, are non-theists. Please do not confuse non-theism with atheism.

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