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You really do have a distaste for anyone who might actually know the truth...
I do? You sure have that wrong. As I have said, often: I do not know you--or anyone for that matter in virtual land--well enough to develop any personal affection or distaste. My basic feeling when I try to read much--not all, some of it is OK--of your stuff is frustration at the lack of clarity. Sometimes I feel amused, in a strange way.

I can understand your frustration. That'd be ego. When you say you don't know everything and something comes across your path that you dislike, you follow your emotions and react.
Frustration at the lack of clarity is your disappointment that I do not meet you where you want me to, within the realms of your belief. Using Jesus as an example, he did not create standards of teaching where he would take his consciousness into the illusions of the ego so the ego wouldn't be frustrated, he simply stated the truth for those who were ready to leave the ego and frustration behind, and reach for something more enlivening to the soul.
As you agree he wasn't looking to sell himself or win a popularity contest.
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Take note: I am doing what Tolle--and he is not the only one--teaches: Be honest with yourself, with others about how you feel about them. It is OK to politely disagree, agreeably. Treat circumstances in a similar manner. I do not enjoy weather that is too hot or two cold; I prepare for it, take it for what it is, and move on. I do the same with my physical and mental health.

Preparing for the weather that threatens the ego is what the ego does. Expressing your feelings is a good thing. Hanging on to them and using them to avoid what comes to you in life and then protecting yourself from feelings is not expanding toward the truth. For the ego the truth is solely attached to the emotions or good feelings.
Most people know that good feelings wrapped around personal ideals
is an inaccurate indicator of reality. A drug addict who finds good feelings in the drugs he or she takes last as long as the drug can keep its effects going. And as long as one keeps their dependency on the drug it is the threat of not having the drug or the drug wearing off or becoming immune to its effects that haunt the addict.
In similarity when the ego which is addicted to whatever makes it feel good or comfortable loses its aura of emotional support, it revolts. The intellect shuts down, the stress levels go up, the body goes into fight mode and the internal organs are starved of nutrients and oxygen as all of the blood is pumped into the muscles ready to fight.
This fight or flight mode is common in the reactions of emotional people. When someone crosses their path and cuts them off, they react and lose their peaceful feelings.
For the anal, this kind of constant pressure to keep things within a certain mental ideal can create so much stress as to cause rectal problems.. wink
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It is OK to tell others how you honestly feel about the way they come across, how they communicate, to you. If they are wise it could help them be better communicators.

That is a nice idea, however when it comes to the truth, a wise person will not compromise the truth for someone who wishes the wise to change because the truth upsets them.
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It is OK to acknowledge that you feel annoyed, pain and the like, and do not enjoy it. Jesus certainly told it like it is. He was not soft on hypocrites. He was no Pollyanna--cheerful to excess and to the point of foolishness. He was no fraud.

That is true. He never compromised the truth for the feelings of the frustrated. And he spoke often in parables for those who could hear and see the truth leaving the emotionally attached with their frustration and hatred toward him intact. He never tried to better communicate with someone who wasn't emotionally ready to hear the truth or did not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the truth.
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BTW, why the whining all of a sudden? Do I not distinctly remember reading that you could take it. HMmmmmmmm!!!! Seems I misread you. Or did I?

You have always misread me.
As you said, you don't know me, and you do not know everything. wink

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Oh, TT, I forgot to mention: I am still waiting, patiently, to read about this Truth you keep saying you have to offer. Is it a secret, or something? Like a TM mantra? And what is your mantra? Is it a higher kind than that of Jesus, EK, and others. \:\)

Those with the eyes to see....
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Me? Like my mantra, it is no secret that the only truth I have is my interpretation of it. I am also open and willing to learn from and hear the interpretations of others.

Interpretive abilities are relative in the egoic world Rev.
It's the reason personality doesn't know everything. It only accepts what it believes in, and interprets reality strictly by what it can accept thru those beliefs. All the rest of the knowledge of the universe is in standby mode until those limiting beliefs are set aside.
You might try a mantra that would relieve you of strict interpretation. Anything ruled by bad habit (limitation) would cloud comprehension by stifling the intellect and the spirit.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!