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Rev. King's "Inclusive Christianity" is fabulous. I love it. ...
With or Without Labels ... The Way We Live is More Important than our Label. :-)
Thanks, Indra!

I realize that your post was made some time ago, but the point you make is still relevant. GOD is not about passively believing in a creed with a set of rules. GOD is about putting the rules to work, about having an active faith that get things done for the good of all, regardless of class, race or creed, or no creed.


Keep in mind that, for me, GOD is not an idol--that is, a three-dimensional being with a name, one who, in fantasy or reality, is separate and apart from us and from creation. This is why I like to use the acronym GOD--that which is totally inclusive and in which all of existence, including us, is included. GOD is that which generates abundant life, organizes life at it is, and delivers that which is desirable.

When I write about god in me, I write G0D. Note the zero '0'. I think of existence as within GOD. At the same time, I can think of G0D as within in every particle of being, including me.

BTW, when atheists challenge traditional theists to prove that "God exists"--the kind of god both have in mind is an idol, one created by the imagination. I usually tell them:

"I agree with you. This is why I am not a traditional theist. GOD, for me, does not exist as a three-D being. GOD is beyond having to play the existence game. However, GOD is, paradoxically speaking, around existence, and also within and through it.

When I have this kind of dialogue with atheists, it usually drives some of them up the wall. They usually have an easy time targeting monotheists (theists).

However, atheists usually walk away from challenging those who write about panentheism/unitheism, because they do not find it so easy to answer the ideas of process theology as expressed by Alfred North Whitehead and expounded by the Rev. Charles Hartshorne--very progressive kinds of theologians.

Process theology talks about, panentheism, not unlike unitheism--Farr and King. See originated by the artist, and friend of mine, Warren Farr.

Graciously, on Facebook, Warren credits me with concocting the word 'unitheism' earlier than he did. Be that as it may: Let's all give the credit to where it is due--GOD. Both Warren and I simply took the idea from GOD and are now passing it on.

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