TFF wrote..
My rejection of a belief in their immortality is not due to any feeling of malice or that I just don't care. I often *LONG* for this belief and wish that it could be justified intellectually.
I feel happy, though, or at least relieved that my mother is comforted by such a belief, this belief that I am not capable of having. I do not think my mother is an idiot or a weakling because of her belief. I don't even think her belief is unjustified - it's just not justified by correct reasoning or evidence.

TFF-My own mother, a person with little religious convinction, but no animosity, now at the age of 95 finds great comfort in the ritual of worship. This is her privilege I suppose-- I asked her why she started this a few years ago, after not going to church for most of her adult life, and she said that though she did not think it did any good really the familiar ritual gave her comfort, and the people were friendly! Seems reasonable I suppose, but scarcely the stuff of convinced conversion. Maybe at what is the end of a busy life well lived she is having a bet each way, and I have your attitude that it is her business and I think no less of her and would not presume to convince her otherwise.