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sure I do not need to remind people who choose to make "mother nature" (MN) their goddess: MN can be a very cruel mother.

Your GOD is cruel?


Now, the highest GOOD--that is, G0d, the power (from within each of us) to will that which is good (agape-love)--is something else!

The power of humans to imagine something good? You're saying that's not part of what GOD is? I want to know what is part of what GOD is. Is it really nothing more or less than nature? I don't understand why you've made a whole concept out of it when you could have just used what we already have, which it seems is exactly the same.

Willing things to happen is just nature. We have that ability, sometimes it works. Cats and dogs have that ability too - when they want something they go and get it. What's it got to do with GOD?

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