Not everyone craves love, morals and ethics are subjective, who will be given the authority to dictate what is humane? In addition the definition of love is amongst different people. Is it conditional? Unconditional? Forgiving of flaws or helping one get over them?

Not everyone agrees therefore to unify into one religion is not practical due to the fact that not all will conform and eventually infighting will occur.

Just look at all the sub-branches of the Protestant Church which branches off Christianity which diverted from the Jewish faith; which can be argued was a reaction or counter-religion to the polytheistic religion of the Ancient Egyptians.

The practical consequences is jihad or crusade caused by differing opinions of different groups which will eventually wound the spirits of the people with false accusations, emotional outbursts and the sheer chaos. Bloodshed will incur resulting in psychological damage by the way of PTSD and physically many will be wounded and scarred forever while the fortunate will be granted a swift death.

Accept the fact that by branching out and creating smaller divisions of a certain religion leads to a more unified society as almost all religion preach the same message and most messengers are delivering the same message (atheists too) only with different words and languages.

The truth of all religion is to promote peace within the mind, body and soul which can only be truly accomplished through illumination of the mind, body and soul. Only then can one achieve to commit to building unto the fragile peace all our ancestors and descendants have died for.