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The following is part of a dialogue I am having with some atheists. It may be of interest to some:

Lynne--who is very open--and I get along, well. She is quite unlike some of the posters who love to use verbal darts, flame throwers, ad hominens whatever, whenever they choose to do so. I think Lynne and I have now encouraged a dialogue, not a debate, without the darts, etc.

If you can, feel free to tune in.

To: RevLGKing
Posted: Jan 16 12 11:20 AM

Hi, Rev!

I think you meant to address this post to me as well as reshuffle, but I'm not sure.
Lynne, et al:
"I just spent the last two hours reading about THE PIRAHA PEOPLE--their culture and religion, etc."
About this primitive group that has no formal religion.

From Lynne: Proving, of course, that you are eager to aquire knowledge and ideas, and to integrate those new ideas into your worldview.

"For them the H&N contains all they need--that which generates all Good, organizes all Opportunities and delivers what Delights them. In a word, they already live in what I name G0D--not to be confused with gods or the 'God' of numerous religions."

From Lynne: It's a wonderful insight, Rev. It's such a shame that some atheists apparently can't get beyond the fact that you use a form of the word "God" in reference to your philosophy. It seems the "G0D" sends up immediate red flags, preventing them from giving due consideration to what you are really saying.

IMO, the "acrimonious reactions"--against me and against anyone who dares to defend me, and my right to have controversial opinions--seems to come from a certain few atheists.

From Lynne:I agree. They are a predictable cadre. I have an atheist friend who refers to such types as "fundamatheists"...apparently unwilling or unable to entertain any POV that can be construed as sympathetic to religion or religious ideas.

Many scientists--Quantum physicists & chemists, etc.--are also devout and progressive theological thinkers.

Lynne: I have emphasized this point many times myself, especially in response to atheists who seem to question the intelligence of anyone who acknowledges the existence of a deity.

However, this is my opinion of many theists whose ideas seem more consistent with atheism than with traditional theism: Many self-identify with theism because they wish to distance themselves from the negative stereotype of atheism and atheists.

Lynne, you see I CAN respond point by point. Feel free to try me on this.

Lynne: OK...
I am officially trying!

Currently, I am a non-theistic Unitheist.
Lynne: In my terminology, you're an atheist...but you know I mean this as a compliment, of course! I accept, if with the same attitude if I can call you an unitheist. smile
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