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How did we get the terms The terms "quantum system" and "quantum states" into a N Q S thread?

Because quantum mechanics provides an explanation of how our universe could form, literally, from nothing. I.E. QED can explain the origin and cause of our universe, without the need for a god....
Without the need for a god? Of course! GOD, in the minds of modern thinkers, especially the process theologians and philosophers, is not 'a' god--an objective and idol-like being apart from what is, GOD is total Being, is total Reality. Do a search on panentheism. It is similar to unitheism and the ideas of Einstein, Baruch Spinoza, Alfred North Whitehead, Charles Hartshorne and others.

Bill S. is right to infer, "that quantum theory is bringing science/philosophy/theology closer together."
He could have added: in their modern form.

Bryan you say that, "science is explaining things previously explained via philosophy and religion."

But more to the point, ancient philosophers and theologians--of course there were a few who were ahead of their time--did not explain anything. Most ancient clergy, astrologers, astronomers, doctors, and the like offered fiats, doctrines and/or dogmas--to be accepted and believed without evidence, without challenge, questions or doubt.

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