Personally I don't think that they're that well endowed, but as far as the symbols go... the circle within the heart represents oneness also an ancient symbol for God. The heart would be relative to desire and the Pyramid reminds me of the Masonic icon. Three sides could represent the 3 gunas also symbolized in the Om symbol and the Yin Yang symbol which are creation destruction and the nature of God as the support to keep it unfolding in the experience of time and space. The sunburst in the middle could also be symbolic of Consciousness/God.
People like to make symbols meaningful but the rockets with tits is a bit strange for modern angelic imagery..
Someones idea for a new church emblem.
Scroll 8, Doombug A highly destructive nanobot, or doombug for want of a better name, likely too small to see without magnification, could yet be complex enough that it surely would never have been constructed by chance in nature, nor have evolved via other generally lesser forms, like a present-day virus or germ.
A Church with Psychic predictions......Or an interpretation of revelations perhaps. whistle
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!