Well done Ellis. When speaking intelligently, thoughtfully, and precisely, there is never a reason to fear.

Even were I to disagree with you I would respect you. Whereas the self-annointed reverend has yet to do anything other than layer fuzzy thinking over vague nonsense. If he was correct, even if I were to agree with him, his lack of mental self-discipline would be unworthy of respect. Let me give you an example. Suppose someone writes:

"We should stop torturing people because the invisible purple rhinoceros says so."

I would agree with the concept of stopping torture. But the author, having justified it with an imbecility, would still be unworthy of respect.

There is no god, provable, because were there one the universe would be no different than it is today.

I have to howl at those who watch a tornado rip through town tearing down houses of the rich, the poor, good citizen and bad, businesses, schools, and churches with an equal lack of regard. If their invisible purple rhino actually existed ... just once ... he'd have left the church standing: He never, ever, does!
DA Morgan