In other words, as spiritual beings, we have the greatest power in the cosmos at our disposal--of being loving watchers and observers of all that is going on, including what we will and how we feel, around and within us.

Observing or witnessing leads us to the discovery of Our consciousness being present within the presence of an underlying reality that is stable in the experience of both the conscious observer, and the body and its feelings.

The greatest power is not to stand and watch but actually become the creator and to manipulate time and space.
This is neither being a victim nor a victor, but engaging in reality as it is. This is "Being" in the nature of spirit as it creates the individual soul and its many physical manifestations.

Witnessing and discovering the essence of nature is certainly more powerful than the dual aspects of being a victim to the unknown, but by diving into the absolute presence and becoming "One" with it, consciously there is no degree of separation between creator and created. They are the same "ONE."

Read on Rev. There is so much more for you to know and experience. Obviously you can't get it all in a book or books. There is so much more to consciousness than can be explained in a book. Which is probably why there are hundreds if not thousands of books filled with the wisdom of the enlightened.

You've made some great steps since we first met.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!