To: Bill S and TT: How do you feel about the three-way postings presently going on here: For you, is this a dialog? Or a debate? My apologies for the length of this post, but I was asked: What is important to you? The following is summary.

Me? I feel it is a complex of the two.
I prefer having a dialog--the sharing of information and mutual interests without the shame and blame.

This means that I take the following as a question:
Originally Posted By: Tutor Turtle
But would you seek to measure a man by his qualifications?
Depends on the claims made, or implied, by that person's posts.

If a person's posts are are full of comments about physics and the maths of physics, I assume that the writer is a physicist.
One example: When Orac started to write I checked his profile: All it says is: Physics Computer Modeller (Is this a profession?)
Hobbies: Particle physics
Location: Australia
Bill S: Retired
Location: Essex, UK
Bill, you say you are retired. I understand your work had something to do with the science of weather?
What are your favourite topics?
Were you every called on to teach in your field?
Are a bit of a philosopher? Is this why interest in writing to this thread?
TT, I assume your profile is a joke. What other hobbies do you have?
What questions would you like readers to ask you about?
Perhaps you are an expert in the butterflys of Antarctica smile
Me? Check out my profile.
I make no secret of the facts regarding my profession and the education needed to become a minister.
This is why I included the title Rev.
Over the years, besides being a minister and doing what most people think ministers are ordained to do--preaching, teaching and healing:

Over the years my ministry has involved, town planning--Happy Valley, Goosebay, Labrador, the developing and supervising and the building manses, of churches and recreation buildings.

My studies and interest in pastoral psychology--a broad field--came in very handy. I did a lot of counseling--in rural areas more than many psychologists. Pastoral work involved doing a lot of social work too. In Labrador, the provincial social worker and I met regularly to deal with social crises, including suicides and the families involved. I had similar experience is the two Large cities--Montreal and Toronto--in which I served in the last half of my ministry.

In my 80's I am still doing counselling--no fees.

Just today, I got a call from the USA. I spent about an hour listen to a person pour his heart out. There was also a long post by email.

Yes, as one who is very qualified in the field of hypnotherapy, I have worked in cooperation with hospitals and medical doctors. I have even counselled with criminals who elected to take rehabilitation programs. The programs were great successes.

I am open for all kinds of questions

I taught at Teacher's College, for five years.
I have written a weekly column for a Toronto paper.
Radio and TV broadcasting....
lecturing in Canada, the USA and the UK.

Originally Posted By: Tutor Turtle
What does, qualify a man? What is it that is important to you?
I listed my interests above. What are yours?
PNEUMATOLOGY Does it now have the same status as a natural science? If so, a meta-prayer I have been making since 1964 has been answered,
WILLPOWER--A great book, which my family gave me for Christmas. If what is claimed here is true: We now have scientific evidence, brought to the light of day by thorough research, that "willpower"--The Greatest Human Strength--is like a physical muscle. It can be measured and put to work saving civilizations from the curse of self-destruction. Maybe I should post this in the hard sciences section. Any suggestions for a thread title, anyone?

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