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with salamanders, wherein he sliced and diced their brains, scrambled and replaced them, only to find that they still retained their memories.
If it is true, this points to the theory, or idea, as to how GOD can thought of as being everywhere, and in us (as G0d) and all that exists, at the same time.

No it doesn't. It points to the idea that memories may be distributed throughout the brain.

If they showed that memories were distributed throughout the universe, then you might have a genuine connection between people and GOD (or people and the rest of nature).

Let me use an analogy of a RAID array. You can remove (or damage) any disk in the array and no data will be lost. That's because the data is stored in several different drives. This is a very similar concept. Do you acknowledge that it shows the connection between computers and GOD? If so, why are you focusing on people and neglecting computers, or holograms for that matter? Should these objects also "be good to each other"?

Or are you just using the brain story as an analogy? It's too simple a concept to require an analogy, can't you just say directly "IMSO humans' memories are distributed throughout the universe. GOD includes the universe and all the memories in it, that is the connection between humans and GOD."

That would be a very satisfactory answer!! But I know you'll never say it because it's too vulnerable to attack. You have to hide anything that can be criticized.