TT, and Ellis, Old Girl: Do the latest interchanges among us perhaps indicate that we are now more willing to take enough of a risk to get to know each other a little better? If so, it is OK by me.

TT, you say to me, "I think you pass judgment rather easily." In the light of your comment above, does this mean that you, too, are judgmental?

May I add: anytime you feel that I am passing, "judgment rather easily" feel free to make me aware of it. I will try to avoid doing so by confining my comments to what you say, not at who you are. I am a great believer in the building of community by trying to avoid personal attacks and flaming. Speaking of community building, please CHECK OUT
Scott Peck Model
"Community Building" also refers to a group process developed by Dr. M. Scott Peck. This practice brings together individuals to go through the four basic psychological stages that typify the formation of a cohesive group that has established trust and a deep sense of connection. As described in his book "The Different Drum", these four stages are known as "pseudo-community", "Chaos", "Emptiness" and "Community". Individuals within the group may be at different stages at different times, and may move back and forth through the stages.

According to Peck, moving into "organisation", forming rules for the group, disrupts the process and prevents community.

Pseudo community is where people are guarded but polite, talking of less important things and giving little away about themselves. Chaos is conflict. In Emptiness, participants "empty" themselves of their requirements and desires for the process and the other participants, enabling them to reach Community, in which they appreciate the process and other participants, and themselves, for who they are.

The group "Community Building in Britain" organizes group sessions using this process.

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