Samples of the "Gospel (good news)" according to TT follow my first comment.

In my responses, when I write 'god', instead of using the general acronym, G.O.D., I will use the particular acronym G0D.

G0D is not just a neutral power. It is, and can be, a destructive or a creative power

G0Dpower, or willpower, stands for the singularity in everyone of us who freely, and willingly, agrees to accept the invitation--originating in the powerhouse we call our unconscious minds. Using it, we can be co-creators, or co-destroyers of self and others,...the choice is ours--no interference by a god of any kind.

This is the power that, with our involvement, has created the here and Now. And in the Now, it is creating the Future. Check out the news that make the front pages of our papers every day. Each and every story is either a story of a great destruction of self and/or others; Or, like the story of Jesus, it is a story of a great heroism for the sake of salvation of self and others. Your turn, TT:
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If we use the reverends example of willpower, where everyone let democracy rule God, with all of the diverse belief systems and beliefs in God, which will would prevail?
Because TT is, obviously, talking about a "god", this question is pointless to me ... This is followed by a pointless and judgemental comment
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Will does not in and of itself discern between good and evil but rather follows the beliefs of those who feel righteous with their idea of God.
G0D--(note the zero, 0; 0 is not an O)--in anyone is the same as G0D-filled and agape-love. G0D is creative willpower--even atheists use willpower--at its highest. As a unitheist, one who does not teach that there is a god who plays politics, the following makes no sense at all to me:
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Where democracy prevails in the beliefs of God there are groups within groups within groups who all get together and democratically determine which God is righteous. Which is why there are so many different churches/diocese within a religion of name.

Put two differing opinions of will into play and everyone believes their God is more powerful and will gain the upper hand. this point I will skip some tautological stuff and I will make one more quote, and a brief comment on it....
Will then, applied to God, I think is superstition.
You mention God--the name used by theists and some others.

Yes, there are some progressive thinking theist theologians, but, sad to say, there are many practising theists who ARE superstitious. Well, TT, maybe you and I have one point of agreement, I think.
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