Whoops! Accidently pushed the submit button in the middle of my rant!

Let me continue:
In effect, there are so many variations of every theory, agenda, philosophy, beleif, denomination, creed, politics that it is hard to distinguish any truth from deceit. They all want you to come; perhaps this is a behaviour passed down through the generations to have the best to thrive in your situation. But nevertheless, we never just say, "I don't know," to something, and instead make use a (as TFF said) anti-knowledge statement in its place.
Taking that aside would help us as human beings discover ourselves and our surroundings. We might realize it's not about us, or that we need to adapt to survive something coming at us. From that "I don't know," comes forth a truer knowledge to figure that out which is not known instead of beleiving the half-lies and lies designed implant certain emotions in us. Then we could truly learn about ourselves instead of making stuff up which has not been proven.
Am I right?