Ellis, take note of this conversation I had in www.wondercafe.ca :

Arminius, you write: "Every one of us is a unique individual, and this is what isolates us. But every one of us is also a unique manifestation of the same godly totality, and this is what unites us!"

I agree: Are you aware of theology of Leibniz and Newton? They were great scientists who were co-inventors of calculus.


Interestingly, calculus is a method of calculating properties and relationships. It begins with the assumption that there is a simple line. Call it L. Then we are free to select a point on that line. Call that point O. That point, on its own, is assumed to have no dimensions, yet.

As I said in my last post: Mathematicians call this point the origin. [The O in GOD, perhaps?] From this point of origin we are free to move to the right, or to the left, in a positive, or a negative direction. From this simple point of origin, the possibilities, in all directions, are without limit.

This, for me, is a parable of life.

I like to think of the line, L, as a metaphor for agape/love processing in an Orderly fashion from the point of Origin--the O in GOD.

Ellis, take note: Keep in mind that will can also proceed in a negative direction, which is a metaphor for sin--the freedom not to will good.

As I have said elsewhere, check out what Jesus says about the unforgivable sin in Mark 3:28-30. We are free to choose life, or death. If we do not ask for life it will not be forced on us. We get what we choose. In this sense we have a god-like power.

But why would anyone choose death?

When I read about the nature and function of mathematics--the discipline used by science to find that which is true in nature and the laws by which our universe operates--I am not surprised that the intellectual giants like Sir Isaac Newton and Baron Von Leibniz--independent of one another, took the ideas of Archimedes and invented what we now call calculus--were also deeply spiritual men.

Furthermore, I am not surprised to find that they both had a theology far removed from the narrow orthodoxies of their day. IMO they were unitheists/panentheists. For details check out:



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