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... I am a little annoyed at the way atheists are portrayed as denying the existence of a personal god (you now the one with a beard sitting on a cloud)
Don't atheist deny the existence of a personal god?
I think Ellis was emphasizing the WAY atheists.... Not that atheists are portrayed AS
IMHO smile
....But a good answer Revl.
... & after reading the past weeks stuff....

This seems to be a lot of word wrangling over definitions. Theist, Deist, Atheist; is there an Adeist?
I never liked Agnostic (without knowledge of), but it is the most appropriate, as Revl. points out.
We are "without knowledge of," but we are not without the desire for knowledge of....

In our desire for knowledge (that fruit), we too easily reify our understanding.

TheFallibleFiend provided this great link.

I think it provides that bridge in understanding which takes us beyond these conceptual stumbling blocks, reifications, and labels (and opposition to labels).

[quote]"This emerging view finds a natural scientific place for value and ethics, and places us as co-creators of the enormous web of emerging complexity that is the evolving biosphere and human economics and culture."

I loved his direction; to apply this [definition of "God"] to "the evolving biosphere and human economics and culture."

I think this deserves a second and third look....
Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.