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I have no recollection of having said I thought the Universe was infinitely old, at least, not in our F of R.

My bad. Revlgking said it, you (appear) to have defended it in post #36588, but did not say it exclusively.

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Not without a time machine.
or access to the internet!

And once again, using sarcasm on the internet bites me in the a$$.

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You're just tempting me to bring infinity back into the discussion.

Mathematically speaking, when tau is zero that is because gamma is infinite...

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If "nothing" is an impossibility, does that not leave "something"?

No, it means that our language does not accurately represent reality. Nothing - i.e. a ground state of exactly zero - cannot exist due to qunatum uncertainty. Even though the quantum uncertainty of the ground state has a additive value of zero.

And since the above sounds obtuse, lets say you have a box filled - literally - with nothing. No mass (atoms, etc), no photons, no fields. Measure the ground state and you will find it is zero - i.e. you have nothing. But repeat that measurement looking at an infinitesimally small period of time, and your ground-state will be non-zero. So your box of nothing has both nothing, and something (possibly a cat), in it.