Good link, Terry.

From the link: The Rev. Douglas Wilson says,

"It sort of dawned on the secular establishment that they might lose here," said Wilson, who is debating [Essayist Christopher] Hitchens on christianity and has written the book "Letter from a Christian Citizen" in response to Harris. "All of this is happening precisely because there's a significant force that they have to deal with."

It certainly is; but in terms of the negative effects of faith and belief, I don't see God as the problem (quite the reverse). The problem lies in the excess baggage. Science, education, technology, social evolution are all threatened by many believers' dogmatic, irrational, false descriptions of the physical universe. More broadly, mankind is threatened by - and surely we have it all in these threads by now - the pretext for extreme aggression inspired by one religion against another. The atheist has also been the victim. Can spirituality never be recognised unless it's encumbered by the paraphernalia of religion?
"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once" - John Wheeler