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the traditional Anglo-American cognitive paradigm of AI (Artificial Intelligence), i.e. symbol manipulation.

This research indicates that the neurological structures associated with sensorimotor activity are mapped directly to the higher cortical brain structures to form the foundation for subjective conceptualization in the human brain. In other words, our abstract ideas are constructed with copies of sensorimotor neurological structures as a foundation. “It is the rule of thumb among cognitive scientists that unconscious thought is 95 percent of all thought—and that may be a serious underestimate.”
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So the point here is:
Well I can't take the time now, but....

Shouldn't we be able to construct AS {artificial spirit}.
Based on my thoughts about AI {cite that} ummmm... AS should almost be a necessity to achieve true AI.

...and this is just another way of pointing out that both Revl. and TFF are saying about the same thing, but just with different personal definitions of the basic words like "spirit." Differing definitions are based on differences in the objectivity/subjectivity spectrum.

...and thanks Tim for proving the point about how important our definitions are to seeing the truth. That one can read and write, or master the dinosaurs (or domesticate animals), is defined as proof of a spirited nature.

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Yes, I agree with what you're saying, TFF (almost completely). The semantics might be an obstacle. Are thought and consciousness one and the same? -rediwenur
...nice question!

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