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So, would you still be able to say, "...me too; and I bet we all like to think of G~O~D.... ;)"

I'd expect so; whatever their definition, most do. ...or did you mean "think of..." as only per your 'transcendent' definition?

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Now, about your questions. You ask me,
1. At the generational level, what do you think about the way things are going for The Creation...?
Now I ask you, what do you mean by
the generational level?
You also ask,
2....Do you think today's "business as usual" course will sustain this Creation, to which we awoke some millennia ago?
Define, "business as usual".

Religion fulfills various 'personal' needs for individuals, and religion is often critiqued from this perspective.

From a 'generational' perspective, religion serves various functions, such as transmitting traditions and memories over generations of families, across the centuries. Before we had "strong and enduring" governments, corporations, or educational institutions, religions served the function of 'remembering' the culture, to a large extent, istm. And many of the functions, which are now provided by various social institutions--from dating/marriage services to universities to insurance, were in the past only structured through the religious hierarchies.

I'm not saying it was always an 'either/or' situation, but as populations and societies grow, I'd expect that many of the functions, which religions once fulfilled at the social level (generational level), have waxed and waned historically many times over. ...but I'll stop digging this hole any deeper now.

While religions help 'personally,' they also help the community; and it is these community functions and social functions that religions provide, which 'generational' was supposed to indicate. For instance, "Should religions take a moral stand on the treatment or plight of immigrants or indigenous peoples?" is a sort of 'generational' question one might ask.

"Business As Usual" is a political term, referring to economic choices and plans or strategies for the future. Choices might be between maximizing short-term profit or long-term sustainability, or finding a workable balance of the two goals ...to get pretty-good profit and pretty-good sustainability.

Especially in the global warming argument, and with the economic consequences caused by electric-power generation (and the fuels/methods used), the BAU phrase is a significant social signpost. Governments, religions, and tax policies often hinge on how the Zeitgeist (spirit of the age, or spirit of the time; literally, TimeGhost) feels about BAU.

...scenarios for "BAU" & biofuels/landuse ...compared with "no" fossil fuels....

"Impact on GHG levels over 70 years comparing two reference scenarios [business-as-usual (BAU) and fossil-free energy scenario (FFES)] with two land-use scenarios (enhanced biofuel and enhanced biofuel plus "buffer stock")"

...and "BAU" can be applied to any projected scenario,
such as utilization of 'nuclear' capacity.

...so, is there anything going on these days with Canada's indigenous peoples, or with industrial-scale 'power' generation ...as a 'generational' issue?

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