FF- Do you think a sceptic is objective? I would have thought that a sceptic would approach a situation by being sceptical of its desired outcome and thus in fact making a decision based on his/her own opinion, therefore he/she is subjective. Do you agree?

PSRev- If a religion is defined by connection and social cohesion then atheism, which has none of the above, is definitely NOT a religion.

An interesting item of little importance.
To those who feel only christians have enough social conscience to run for office and govern the country, creating and upholding the law, I will point out that of the new Australian Cabinet sworn in last week 19 took an oath of office swearing by God whilst holding a bible ( the new PM was one)- and 22 affirmed their oath on their own cognisance, without any help from the supernatural. There are places where this behaviour could not happen without lots of fuss I am beginning to think. There has been absolutely no reaction for or against.