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Hi DA Morgan, I love what you have written in this forum....
... I look forward to hearing from you.
Kyra, are you sure you are in the right thread to question DA Morgan?

I think she is.
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Keep in mind that when, some time ago, I joined this forum I used my son's name for this thread on the philosophy of religions.

Which means you want to be recognized as the Rev King in your earlier posts under the pseudo name.
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Interestingly, at that time DAM, for his own peculiar reasons, tried to get me banned by the moderator. The moderators disagreed, so here we are: well over one million clicks later.

You also tried to get me banned from the forum and here I am again over one million clicks later. wink
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While I am able to respond to your post here and now, over the past month or more, every time I try access it on my own, I get an error response. This is why I set up the second thread with the same title. If you wish to dialogue with me, keep this in mind.

Why do you think she wants to dialogue with you when she addressed DA Morgan, who tried to get you banned from the forum?
Perhaps you want to dialogue with her, so you can tell her you started out in this thread under a pseudo name, that it has over 1 million clicks, that you started another thread because you couldn't access the original, and that if she wants to dialogue with you that you have basic ideas about how you want conversation to go, so that you can tell her more about yourself and what you think? whistle
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