I found that quote by Huxley very interesting, although I dont get how Brave New World got into the conversation (one of my favorite books).

"Science and technology would be used as though, like the Sabbath, they had been made for man, not, (as at present and still more so in the Brave New World) as though man were to be adapted and enslaved to them."

Curious, how the science in that society (cloning, hyptnotism, worshipping the car manufacturer, drugs, and in a sense stem cells) destroys it and lets no room for personal freedom. Is this the direction our science is moving in? As opposed to Orwell's 1984, Brave New World envisions a world based not on hate and opressive dictatorships, but on "love" and laziness, in a sense. For the people, using their total freedom choose to have it taken away by making everyone the same or using drugs when upset. Could this be the way our country is headed under science for the people?
It is worthy to note that the characters in Brave New World, under love and freedom, end up as the same as in the culture of 1984, based on hate and tyranny.
Just a thought.