Please do not misunderstand me. I am impressed by the humble witness of teachers like Eckhart Tolle. long before ET there were the Prophets, Moses, the Buddha, Socrates, Jesus, Muhammad, and a host of others. All have done a lot to further humanity's search for truth.

But sure as shootin', in the present there will always be some self-appointed egoic gurus who will always question the right of such teachers and and their disciple to ask questions and make comments which can help all of us grow in all ways.

Keep in mind that self-appointed gurus always want to be in control. Usually they imply that they alone have access to some kind of inner and secret truth, which they have the power to hold back until they feel ready to release it. They imply that we must have their approval before we take any more steps on our own. As you learn more, they will always claim that it was they who led you to this improvement, in the first place.

Therefore, posters, beware of all self-appointed gurus, including me. No matter how hard you look for some kind of hidden wisdom from us, you will not find any. We all deserve to be ignored!!! When you choose to be a love-based person, your best teacher dwells within your own heart, in the NOW.
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