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some time now: GOD is IT. The 'I' stands for that which is imminent, close at hand, even palpable. But it also includes what I call nature and which physicists call the microcosm--the mysterious world of quantum physics.

So the other part of GOD that isn't nature is "imminent, close at hand, palpable", and it "transcendent"? Why didn't you say that in the first place? But it is still a little confusing. Can you be clearer?

Any Web Sites about this? Also, are there any for:
It's easy for humans to imagine this void as a big black expanse of space, but it isn't. It doesn't occupy any volume or have any shape. It's just not there. Hence has no space or time.

If I find some references, will you acknowledge GOD is no different from nature? Will you stop using the term GOD?

Why am I still replying to you? You have repeatedly proven that your idea is not even an idea. No matter how many opportunities if gave you, you refused to show anything consistent about it. It's just a collection of words that might sound impressive to uneducated people, but which carry no meaning.

So, in conclusion, you're just another Christian. Full of the same dishonesty as typical Christians. Your GOD is essentially the God of the bible. Many other Christians also modify the bible God in similar ways to what you have. They're just humble enough not to pretend to have invented a new religion. And you have pretended that, despite claiming that GODism = unitheism.