Unitheism is such a simple--in the profound sense of the word--and child-like theology.

All you need do is begin with the unit of being called 'you'. Now this is not too difficult to understand, is it? For better or for worse, you are you. As such you are the center of your universe, as you perceive it, with your senses. In my opinion, this is also true for everyone reading these words. I am convinced this is true for me.

From this centre of consciousness, each of us can perceive, using the senses, that there is an eternal and infinite universe out there which I will call GOD--all that is good, orderly and desirable.

Because GOD is not a being, but but Being itself and, therefore, everywhere, GOD is in you and me as if we are little universes. We are, in effect, replicas of GOD. We could call this little universe, g0d within--that is, g zero d. Christians don't be shocked. Take note: In John 10:34, Jesus is recorded as agreeing with Psalm 82, where it says: I have said you are gods ...

What is the practical outcome of our acknowledging that each of us is a god-like being within GOD?

It simply means this: We am going to treat each other with the highest kind of love and respect and expect that we will be treated likewise. In other word: practice the Golden Rule--a rule acknowledged by all the great religions of the world. Know that GOD is love, and simply love one another.

This being so means that we will choose to work together building god-filled communities everywhere we fellowship together.

Now it is up to each one of us to show that we understand the power of love, simple good will, by putting love, the power of will, into all our actions.

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