Redewenur wrote:

"I don't see God as the problem (quite the reverse)."

I wouldn't have agreed with that when I first joined SAGG but I certainly do now. Thanks to Blacknad especially but Sam, Rede and others have opened my eyes in that regard. Like you, Rede, I now accept that the "the excess baggage" associated with the Judeo-Christ-Islam genus of religions is the problem. Interestingly there are few books actually criticising this baggage. I guess most here accept Adam and Eve, the flood, tower of Babel etc. as myths. But try to find books dealing with the problems of evidencce for Abraham, Moses, Solomon, a mighty ancient Judean kingdom, etc. I've done my own research on the subject but can any of you name any books on the subject? Are authors afraid to tackle the beliefs? The stories were all myths developed mainly to justify taking over tracts of land. Maori myths in NZ served much the same purpose. Regarding these myths as a true and accurate history and using them to justify actions today is the problem with religion. That's probably the element we should be attacking.

Samwik wrote:

"This applies across the board; not just with religions"

I made a comment on another thread ages ago that atheists may fall into the same trap. Let's hope not.

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