TerryN: Recently, over the CBC (Canada's public radio) I heard Richard Dawkins, Author of, "The God Delusion" discuss what he hoped to accomplish by writing his book.

He gave an excellent and detailed interview about his latest thinking and sounded quite calm and rational. Not once was he nearly as strident as he came off in his book.

Others who responded to his comments noted this. He said: "I would love to sit down and have a calm dialogue with clergy and lay monotheists and discuss what we all mean when we discuss the god-concept..."

He must have had some idea of god in mind, or he would not have bothered raising the issue. Not once did he say: "Discussing theology and people's concept of God is a waste of time; I can't be bothered talking about such nonsense. It is like talking about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin." BTW, the latter was Bertrand Russell's position. Is this yours?

You say you don't believe God exists. Agreed?

Is it too much for me to ask you: Define what you mean by "exists". In what way does God NOT exist? Are you thinking strickly in three-dimensional terms, or what? What is existence?

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