TFF, you comment, "I'm still waiting to hear you say anything that is even remotely related to science."

Thanks for your interest and patient attentiveness. It keeps lurkers clicking in.

The following is not dogma, it simply expresses my personal belief, about which I reserve the right to be wrong. Here goes: All philosophies, all sciences, all arts--in all their hard and soft forms--are (that is, have their being), IMO, within GØD.

I will let atheists speak for themselves, but, as a unitheist, I affirm my belief that GØD is about hard science with each physical breath of hard-scientific air (the source of phyical life) I take.

This is NOT QUITE SCIENCE, isn't it?
BTW, it is my understanding that this part of the forum is about
"not quite science". This is why I include reference to philosophy and art. I think of philosophy as the mother of the sciences and grandmother of the arts, including the technologies.

Interestingly, our word 'technology' comes from the Greek, technos, meaning carpenter. One of the titles of Jesus is, "the carpenter". I would call this a very "hard" science-based art, wouldn't you?
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