Rev-- I too am not personalising god---- indeed I have referred to god as being 'whatever', as in whatever you choose to imagine god is. This by the way is not the way the average believer is encouraged to imagine their god to be. The use of personification is very alive and well, outside "sophisticated theologian" circles.

The Voltaire thing I just disagree with! And what a huge leap to saddle physicists with the task of inventing god. I know some guy you mentioned last year suggests this as his major 'raison d'etre' but it seems presumptous at the very least to suppose that this should be the main aim of all scientists, or to claim their discoveries as the continuing search for god.

You say the choice is ours. I agree. So I do not say that I am right, there is no god, and you are wrong. I have made up my mind, or more realistically, I have not felt the need to use anything supernatural to enable me to recognise goodness and truth when I experience it!

That said, is it possible to contemplate infinity without the presence of a god, or god-like omni-presence? I am absolutely sure that it is. The fun is in suggesting what it could be!