Ellis asks
Rev, do you feel that these moments are evidence of god, or do you see it as part of the oneness of god in everything? Or are they both the same?
I see existence in all its moods as evidence for god. Keep in mind that I think of physical and mental existence as being within god, which I think of as spiritual and immeasurable being.
One of my personal pet hates (and I do not often use the word hate) is the saying-- "a heathy mind means a healthy body."
I think of it this way: A healthy mind, or spirit, can help us have a healthier body, if that is possible. However, if fully health is not possible--I have a hearing problem--a healthy mind can give us the patience and courage to live with that we have.

BTW, I do believe the time will come when all, regardless of religious faith, will have the opportunity to live as whole beings without the limititations of pain and suffering. I abhor sectarianism.

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