TerryNZ, writes:"Even though Revlgking spells it differently his version is still a Clayton's God".

TNZ, perhaps I (LGK) need to the speak to the topic, WHAT, FOR ME, GØD IS NOT:

1. For me, GØD is not an object, a subject, a person, or anything that can be possessed as such, not even mentally.

2. This means I never use the expression, "My GØD..."

3. This also means I never refer to GØD as a "He", or try to point to "Him".

4. Nor will I say, "GØD hears me, speaks to me, or does this that or the other thing for me, or to me."

In my humble opinion, I am ONE with GØD. My theology, unitheism, is not one that is top-down.

While I respect people who think otherwise, for me, there is no father figure, up or out there. I think of GØD simply as the source of all creative knowledge, wisdom and power, which is everywhere present in, through and around the mystery we call the cosmos.

At the same time, my theology is not a a bottom-up one. In my humble opinion, it seems to me that this is the "theology" of materialists, that is, those who think of matter as the ultimate reality. I am reminded of the words of the poet, Swinburne, who wrote: "Glory to man in the highest, for man is the measure of things."

This reminds me of the kind of theology which does value the role of humanity. It is called process theology.

Consciousness. It is the ability which we, as self-conscious human beings all have when we say, "I am...".

For me, this plays a major role in my theological thinking. IMO, this means that I can be part of all the processes of life and being, including how we will evlove in the future.

As a self-aware being, I am free to choose to connect with GØD as self-evident being and as all-pervasive as gravity. Others are free to choose otherwise. Others are free to believe in God as a heavenly father, or even as a Fred.

As you write: "So the question arises: even if Fred started it all off has he had any interest in us over the time of our evolution from apes? And if so when did this interest first manifest itself?

Perhaps Revlgking has some ideas on the topic?"

Thanks for asking, TNZ.

BTW, IMHO, since GØD already is everything we can possibly imagine-- that is, everything physical, mental and spiritual--GØD did not need to start anything.

As I understand things, it is simply up to me (including us) to come to the consciousness that everything already IS. This means that, if we choose to be moral, ethical and loving persons, we can thus become qualified to become partners in the creative process. What am opportunity!

BTW, we are also free to choose otherwise.

G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT www.unitheist.org