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Tim about your comment and question:
"IT IS ALL ABOUT DEEDS, NOT CREEDS." Nice observation. Yeah, where did Rev write or even imply that atheists/agnostics are less moral/hard and nasty?
Wouldn't it be nice if we had an answer to your question, and mine?

Perhaps it was an implication of something you said in the past. Earlier you were writing about your particular religion and the awareness of your incarnation of god and then you said:
"As I understand things, it is simply up to me (including us) to come to the consciousness that everything already IS. This means that, if we choose to be moral, ethical and loving persons, we can thus become qualified to become partners in the creative process."

The juxtaposition of these two sentences ties 'morality' to 'consciousness' (of god). The implication is that those who do not attained the level of your glorious consciousness might be unethical and unloving, or at least less ethical and loving.

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