It has been a long time since I read BNW; however, I think one of the major themes of it is that the the pursuit of trivial "happiness" can result in a form of slavery.

Also, BNW is an oppressive dictatorship:
1) people are genetically bred to do certain things - epsilons are not alphas;
2) people are conditioned to act in certain ways.

It's important to realize that due to bad eyesight, Huxley was stymied in his pursuit of being a doctor. He could not participate in science the way his famous brother and grandfather did. He advocated the use of hallucinogens.

One thing that a great writer can do - and Aldous was certainly that - is create contrived scenarios to illustrate their opinion, regardless of how that opinion stands in relation to the facts or to good sense.

Another example is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who created Sherlock Holmes. Doyle's absolute mastery of the language could create in the mind of the reader the inescapable illusion that Holmes was being logical. Doyle was a vastly better writer than he was a logician. So was Aldous Huxley.