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Yes, that's right, Hoyle is believed to have applied the name Big Bang in derision, although it wasn't long before supporting evidence blew his own theory out of the water.
I support the theory of expansion as proposed by Lemaitre, I just don't think of it a "bang". After all, animal senses did not evolve until billion of "years" later.

I also support the rational scientific modus operandi as long as we can avoid worshiping at the altar of scientism.

BTW, is there anything inherently wrong with having "heart strings"?

Interestingly, I first read about Hoyle's theory, which he first proposed in 1948, in the winter of 1953/1954--the year I served my first pastoral charge in the squatter's town of Happy Valley-Goose-bay, Newfoundland/Labrador, north of Quebec. 40 degrees below zero F produced beautiful night skies for stargazing. His book was loaned to me by a member of my church. I didn't know why, but I had the feeling that there was something wrong with the theory.
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