The manifestation of experience is initiated by desire. Desire comes in many forms, mostly we recognize it in the ideas of wants and needs. However wants and needs are not the only energies that create. Subconscious thought patterns create ripple effects in the fabric of time and space and as such have just as much of an impact on our creation as one pointed desire to achieve a goal.

We don't consciously realize that we are the cause of reality due to the beliefs and levels of perception, instead it is easier for us to believe it is the cause of some God or some random occurrence, but the universe is too well organized and structured to be an accident or a random occurrence. And tho the majority of humanity believes in God it doesn't universally accept a God that rules over humanity as omnipresent, in that it would exist in everything. Omniscient and create a mistake such as a human life that is flawed or created in sin from the lack if planning on God's part. Nor do we intuitively accept a God that is Omnipotent but needs to be worshiped.

God is absolute in nature and it is not something that can be Isolated in form or definition tho it is present in form and definition. We are a reflection rather than a part of the ongoing expansion of Gods consciousness.

We can use simple examples. Duality is necessary to create experience. Light doesn't exist without its opposite which is darkness, or light and heavy determining a measure of weight. Black and white are a kind of opposite and good cannot be determined without evil. Without a negative a positive cannot be a positive, it can only be.
Humanity exists with the potential to feel and experience both Good and evil, to do so good and evil would have to exist for those senses to be activated. If the mechanisms of perception weren't there, then whatever was created wouldn't be perceived.

A greater wonder is that with the mechanism in place all it takes is a vibratory activation of thought to create a ripple effect in the fabric to make experience. Just as sound is generated in waves that travel through both air and a vacuum, so do thought patterns.
Where thought patterns are received is in intuition, if amplified it is in the manifestation of activity. With 6 billion transmitters the resonance of belief in reality creates a pretty solid feeling stage of events.
Within that collective are all the dreams, hopes, anxieties or stresses of humanity and they directly affect everything from personal experience in growth and expansion of consciousness in evolution, to something as far removed from the idea of control as the weather.
The mind is a translator of energetic thought waves and a receiver of the impressions created by those waves.
While the mind is actively engaged in beliefs at a gross level of reality it sees itself as separate from it all in its relationship to personal creation and living in random occurrences that it has little or no control over. The ego is the image of collected experience and beliefs. Like a computer that is programmed it functions according to the software it has installed. And like a computer that functions at a basic level it has little awareness of its creator or its programmer.

When one rises above the ego, consciousness reflects a much larger image of itself that goes beyond the limitations of the earthbound experiences that are the ego and its construct.

It is not that much different than the Matrix movie only the creator of the matrix is not a machine with a need to survive but an omnipresent consciousness that by its very nature reflects itself in the images of human endeavor and beliefs in limitation as easily as it reflects itself in the miracles we think are commonplace but once believed impossible in the past.

The earth is like a stage and everyone is an actor. The human parts are like a change of clothes and the consciousness within humanity lives long after one act ends and another begins.
The generations of superconscious masters have always guided humanity towards self realization, while the preachers of religion have tried to make the ego feel better about its place in limitation and individuality and to reassure itself that there is some kind of Loving order to things. But the consciousness of Churchianity is based on ego love, or love based on good feelings or conscience of agreement, rather than unconditional love that supports the child regardless of its choices.

In every war, where each side claims God is on their side, it would be hard to imagine a God that could take a side, but it is even more difficult to imagine that God is actually on both sides, giving each side what they want in the choice to fight for their difference of opinion and their beliefs in righteousness. But it is literally true. God will give you what you want in that regard, the ability to make a choice and to act according to your hearts desire. Never mind if you heart is buried in hate and fear, if it takes you a thousand lifetimes to get through the crap surrounding your true nature and to expand beyond such trivial pursuits, so be it.

It isn't difficult to experience the nature of consciousness or the unity of consciousness that exists in humanity and God. One merely needs to find a useful tool to take the mind inward and beyond the limited boundaries of the attached sensory ideals.
No human is born with the intention to be bad, for the idea isn't even programmed into the mind or the psyche, yet the body is well equipped to accept the programming and even to act out the ideas of duality that are bad and Good.
Basically the newborn is wide open and begins to accept what it is told in relationship to who or what it is and who and what has control over its welfare until that authority releases it into its own cognizant being.
Based on which kind of programs it has accepted, it experiences its self worth and relationship to the world. Remove the programming and the mind lives in the perfect now, without any influence of the past or the projections of some possible future.

We all experience the mood changes in those who we are close to.
If someone we love comes home and has a good or bad day they radiate a vibrational resonance that we are intuitively connected to.
In the cellular makeup of the human body each cell has a way of communicating using neuropeptides and receiver sites. The body is literally a thinking machine with every cell communicating every thought and feeling. The human psyche is tuned into this in ones own self and is capable of sensing it in others. We are no different than the cells in a body only on a level that is much greater and our conscious awareness is much more expanded in that we can become self aware and even think independently.
This is how we are made in the image of God. We can become self aware of ourselves. Based on where we draw the boundary line is where ego limits the self. If one allows themselves to drift beyond the boundaries of ego the absolute God is experienced in the reflection of infinity.

Some have literally been changed after an experience of this. Abraham Maslow who was a psychologist did many studies on this kind of experience and called it a peak experience. It is the kind of experience one has when reaching the top of a mountain after a climb, or standing at the shore of an ocean, or giving birth, or even jogging. The mind temporarily leaves behind the programs of the ego and experiences a potential that is not contained by fear based programs of limitation.
When one develops this into a permanent state of awareness God or the absolute expanse of potential exists in everything and the one who experiences this exists in unison with it, in everything and in everyone at the same time.

For those that have experienced near death experiences and have felt their life unfold before them, the ego death is similar and a rebirth of conscious awareness leaves one at a new level of experiencing life. One begins to feel and experience life unfold from ones own ideas and beliefs, the reflection of energies is not unlike dropping pebbles into a clear pond. Each pebble is like a thought and as it ripples outward and reaches the shore of manifest reality it becomes a pure reflection of that desire or thought.

The typical waking state mind thinks some 60,000 thoughts per day according to study by Stanford University. Instead of individual thoughts being dropped into the pond coherently the mind that is preoccupied with past and future events, self worth and stress from judgment and fear, is dropping handfuls of pebbles into the pond creating chop with some thoughts canceling other thoughts out. Subconscious programs of negativity often clash with new positive ideas making it difficult to maintain a particular thought or desire. But when the mind is stilled into this "Peak Experience" as Maslow termed it, the mind becomes perfectly coherent. This has even been measured by attaching the leads of an electroencephalograph to the parietal and occipital lobes of the brain. During normal activity the left and right hemispheres register incoherent patterns that are different than each other, but when one experiences a "Peak Experience" they begin to reflect each other in perfect coherence.
This is the normal brain activity of expanding consciousness.

God is neither Good nor Bad, God is. As such We being made in the image of God are the image of isness and that image is a reflection that some see good, some see separateness, and some see perfection.
The absolute is a perfect mirror for whatever we wish to see or whatever we want to believe is real.
When one ascends the limitations of ego and its identifiers, conscience that is relative to duality is superseded. Until then a conscience is a reflection of ones own judgment and ones belief of ones place in separation of reality.
Without the experience of Truth Conscience becomes the voice of reason and the reason that is generated from lack of knowledge is reason that is founded in illusions of reality, not reality nor the Truth of ones own being.