Ellis, just recently, I saw an amazing documentary about parrots in Australia. It always amazes me that beautiful things such as birds--when there are too many of them in one place--can also be such awful pests.

Maybe you can point us to a site on this.

Reminds me of the story of the golfer--an atheist who also did not believe in life after death--who died on the golf course, on a Sunday.

He was shocked to find himself in the next world and feared he would be sent to hell.

But, to his surprise he found himself a member of a heavenly golf club in a heavenly place.

"Some angel must have made a mistake" he thought, and kept it to himself.

Furthermore: Everything--including the food and the house on the border of the course, and the beautiful caddies--was free. In addition: every time he played, he played a perfect game. WOW! What fun!!!!

However, after a month of this, he was so bored that he decided to confess to the angel in charge that he really was an atheist: "I hear that there is a challenging course in hell, let me go there. Please, send me to hell", he said.

The angel replied: Did no one tell you? YOU ARE IN HELL, ALREADY !!!!!!
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