Rev wrote:
..... even when they are quite young, I find that most children understand what I mean when I say: GOD is not a name that I use for a supernatural and human-like being with certain attributes, or qualities--the kind of being (God) defined in most dictionaries, or the kind believed in and worshiped by church-going theists and denied by atheists. Nor is GOD an object--one with dimensions that one can point to and say: There is GOD. GOD cannot be put in a box or described in a book.

OK REV- it seems we now know what is not GOD. Perhaps now you could explain what is the state that we can recognise as 'the existence of godness'. You have told us it is not corporeal. It has no definitive shape. It has no dimensions. It cannot be described in a book, presumably because there are no words to describe it. You are not leaving much to work with.

Actually I think 'the existence of godness' sounds a bit non-existent to me.